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About me

My business?

Pablo El Marques is not a company. Pablo El Marques is a person.

Everything you see is the result of different works in different specialties: modeling, sculpture, resin copies, painting, photography, web administration ... of a single person: me, Pablo.

I consider myself a model hobbyist, not a professional. Although I have not been a professional for many years in this hobby and I think I have a good level of finish in my work. I consider myself a creative, perfectionist, meticulous and demanding person. I am proud of my work ... because if it were not so, I would not be able to market them.

I strive to make attractive and quality products.

And I try to make them reach the customer in the best possible way.

I hope that with this online store it is more attractive and easy to visualize and know my products and much easier and comfortable to be able to acquire them.