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Basing materials

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  • Static Grass

    2 mm Static Grass

    Small fibers to represent grass, bushes and strands of miniature grass.

    76 different colors to choose from. Possibly ... the largest range in the market.

    Range designed for wargames players and painters.

    Also available range of 4 mm static grass.

    Static Grass. basing for miniatures

  • Grass 4 mm

    4 mm Static Grass. basing for miniatures

  • Alien Grass

    Alien Static Grass. VERY different colors!! Blue grass, pink grass, purple, turquoise, violet, red and orange.

    Basing material for wargames miniatures. Range designed for wargamers and miniature painters.

  • Foam

    Basing material for miniature models. Ground foam to represent small tufts and bushes in the bases of your miniatures.

  • Lichen
  • Snow

    Basing material: Snow effect

  • Meadow Blend

    Fine and opaque blended textures.

    Different palettes to represent spring meadows (bright and alive green) and summer (green and orange colours).

  • Fallen Leaves Blend

    Voluminous and colorful blended textures.

    Palette to represent coverage autumn leaves.

  • Garden

    Shredded foam. Mixtures of different colors and thicknesses.

    Material to represent areas with flowers.

  • Natural

    Natural materials for base. Non-synthetic Vegetable origin.

    Different materials: preserved and dyed lichen, seeds, small preserved, natural and dyed flowers.

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Showing 61 - 66 of 66 items